Monday, March 7, 2011

Seed for the Sower

The seeds of the black mustard plant that Jesus so often talked about are “dark red-brown” so I painted a sheet of scriptures about the Kingdom of God, balancing the literal color of the actual seeds with a need to be able to read the text through the paint.

I then punched out the seeds with a very old hole punch, lining up as much as possible, each one with a significant word or a recognizable portion of a word. Picking up each “seed” with my childhood stamp tongs (see, you can use all kinds of tools!) I glued them to the canvas with an archival paste, and then dotted each one with acrylic varnish for protection. I didn’t realize when I was doing it that there are at least 300 of them! I thought it was taking quite a while!

The method of seed sowing in Jesus’ day was that of “broadcast” sowing; the sower would reach into a bag or basket, grab a handful of seed and fling it through the air. The seed would fall where it would fall. We so often get caught up in “targeting our market” with demographics and such that we forget that the gospel must go everywhere; yes, so that as many as possible would be saved but also so that everyone will have had the opportunity to have heard—whether they accept it or not, so they are without excuse.

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